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Wonders of Biblical Chronology
Written by Mauro, Philip   
Tuesday, 15 July 2008 18:05

The Wonders of Biblical Chronology

by Philip Mauro

Washington, D. C., November, 1933.

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The first edition of this work appeared in 1922 and other editions followed. It was published under the title, THE CHRONOLOGY OF THE BIBLE, which might suggest that the volume consisted largely of tables of dates and other statistical matter. Such, however, is not the case. The volume does indeed contain tables which exhibit “The chronology of the Bible,” by which is meant that specific chronology which is found in the Bible itself. For it is not the least of the wonders of the Sacred Volume that, embedded in the text thereof, is a continuous line of dated episodes, which begins with the creation of Adam and reaches across forty centuries of time even to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Such being the case, it is a matter of deep interest to all readers, and of surpassing value to all students of the Holy Scriptures, to have at hand, in tabulated form, the chronological data constituting that unique line. Nevertheless, this volume has a much larger object, and the author’s reason for publishing this new edition under the title THE WONDERS OF BIBLE CHRONOLOGY is to suggest thereby that larger object. For the chronology of the Bible, in contrast with all other chronologies, has certain distinctive and unique features which are of a nature so remarkable as to be worthily called “wonderful.”

The very existence of such a chronological and genealogical line is itself a wonder of high import; for it is absolutely unique. There is not another such line, either in the Bible itself or in the extant literature of any nation. But it is a still greater marvel that, in tracing the course of that dated line, one is brought into contact with historical events and matters of truth and doctrine of superlative value to mankind.

This marvelous chronology has a basis of its own, a plan of its own and a purpose of its own. Its basis is the Bible itself; its plan is the genealogical or life line that stretches from the first Adam to the last Adam, from the beginning of the old creation to that of the new; and its purpose is to bring those who follow its progress to revelations of vital truth pertaining to God’s mighty work of Redemption, and to spiritual and practical lessons of superlative value.

For reasons concerning which it were idle to speculate, God has been pleased to reveal His Mind and Purpose for humanity in connection with a line of events arranged in chronological relations, each with its immediate predecessor and successor, in such manner as to form a connected chain four thousand years long. This is what chiefly invests the chronology of the Bible with its exceptional interest and value. But apart from this; it is the author’s purpose to supply, in a convenient form adapted to the use of all students and readers, a complete tabulation of the dated events of the Bible. There is, so far as the author is aware, nothing of the sort now available. Works on chronology are usually so bulky, costly and burdened with technical discussions, as to be of little or no interest or value to the majority of Bible-readers.

The text of this edition has been carefully revised and, we believe, greatly improved. The tables, however, are the same as in previous editions.

All dates are given both in terms of An. Hom. (Creation of Man) and B. C. (Before Christ).

Module contents:

00 Contents
00 Preface
01 Outline of the Chronology
02 Chronology in General
03 The Patriarchs Before the Flood
04 The Flood to Abraham
05 Abraham to Joseph
06 Israel in the Days of Moses
07 Joshua and Judges
08 The Kingdom - King Saul
09 The Divided Kingdom
10 The Divided Kingdom 2
11 Failure of Kings of Judah
12 Judah to the Captivity
13 Return to Messiah
14 Seventy Weeks of Daniel
15 Conclusion
16 Tables

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