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Which Version: Authorized or Revised?
Written by Mauro, Philip   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 18:07

Which Version: Authorized or Revised?

by Philip Mauro, 1924. 

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Module contributed by Bill Bonnel.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

The present inquiry is in regard to the many differences, some of them quite serious, between the "Authorized," or King James Version, first published in 1611, and the "Revised" Version of 1881. The total number of the departures of the latter from the former is over thirty-six thousand.

Module contents:

00 Contents
01 Introduction
02 The Several Versions
03 The Various Greek Texts
04 The Ancient Codices -The Vatican Codex and the Sinaitic
05 The Characteristics of the Two Oldest Manuscripts
06 The Principle of "Ancient Evidence Only" Examined
07 The Procedure of the Revision Committee
08 Specific Examples of Textual Corruption
09 Changes in Translation
10 The Use Made of the Margin in the R.V.
11 The Theory of Westcott and Hort Upon Which "The New Greek Text" Was Constructed
12 Conclusion
13 Appendix

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