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God's Pilgrims: Their Dangers, Their Resources, Their Rewards
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Wednesday, 09 July 2008 18:17

God's Pilgrims: Their Dangers, Their Resources, Their Rewards

by Philip Mauro, 1912.

"It may be of interest to the reader to learn that the writing of this book was begun and finished on the memorable voyage of the Steamship Carpathia which was interrupted by the rescue of the survivors of the Titanic, and by the return with them to the port of New York. This is not the place to speak of the harrowing scenes and distressing incidents of the four days of that return trip. The destruction of the Titanic is a foreshadowing of what is about to happen to the great “civilization” upon which man has expended his energies, and in which he puts his confidence. For the unconverted, the obvious lesson of this tragic event is to inquire concerning the lifeboat. But there are also solemn and important lessons in it for the saints of God. Some of those lessons the writer has endeavored to set forth in the following pages."

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Module contributed by Bill Bonnel.

From the preface:

This volume does not contain an exposition of Hebrews. Its purpose is rather to carry out, so far as the Lord may enable, the injunction to exhort one another daily, so long as it is called “To-day.” Another “Day” is soon coming; indeed, we can clearly see it approaching. In that day it will be too late to give heed to the exhortations found in this portion of God's Word, and to gain the recompense of the reward that depends upon the heed given thereto...

Module contents:

00 Table of Contents
01 Introductory Remarks
02 The Things Which We Have Heard
03 The Son
04 The Apostle and High Priest
05 The High Priest of our Confession
06 The Provocation
07 The Rest that Remaineth
08 The Eternal Purpose of God
09 The Glory to be Revealed
10 Judgment at the House of God
11 An High Priest Forever
12 Two Kinds of Ground
13 An Anchor of the Soul
14 The Worship of God's Pilgrims
15 The Cloud of Witnesses
16 Faith to the Saving of the Soul
17 Conclusion and Appendix

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